How To Fight Gambling Addiction – Part 1

In this two part series, the Fight Against Gambling Addiction Community members will present their input and advice regarding what to do in order to avoid gambling addiction and how to stop it if it has taken a hold of anyone.

Any approach which has as its main aim stopping addiction, needs to account for several factors, regardless of the field into which the addiction is being experienced. When it comes to gambling, this is highly difficult to tackle, due to the recurring and cascading effect that it has over those who are practicing it.

However, by applying the proper techniques and taking the necessary measures, even the most fervent gamblers can be “cured” of their addiction and converted to a more responsible and moderate casino experience.

Some of the steps that can be taken in the fight against gambling addiction are:

  • aces-717135_960_720Start small: regardless if the person is a gambler which is known for betting large amounts of money and losing big time, or if it’s just a player who loses less, by approaching the issue from a broader perspective, things can be resolved much faster. To this end, that particular person can have a look at the other habits he or she might have in their daily life, and try to make small changes that can make a difference – give up on sweets, stop using certain products, etc.;
  • Address other addictions in parallel: this might seem as a strange thing to do, but it has been found to be helpful to also give up on other dependencies that might have a significant impact on the gambler’s life, such as smoking or alcohol addiction. Motivation can be derived from fighting these addictions and used for fighting the gambling addiction.

More advice on how to fight gambling addiction will also be provided in the next page.

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